Sunday, February 28, 2010


If you think that the cover letter is a relatively unimportant component of your application, guess again! Making a good impression through your cover letter can be the difference between getting an interview and having another resume deleted or tossed in the trash without being looked at. Your cover letter says a lot about you and it’s vital to use this opportunity to tell the recruiter some things about your character which don't easily come through in your resume. For one thing, your cover letter shows your ability to effectively communicate your thoughts on paper, but most importantly it allows you to say, in plain English, what you offer and what you bring to the position. If you want a great job, you need to have a great cover letter to compliment your resume.
While the cover letter is a significant part of the recruitment process, don’t start thinking that it’s as easy as writing a letter home. Your cover letter has to say all the right things and it has to say them quickly, as you have little space. Most people become frustrated by this and even become a little intimidated.

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